"After being on several rounds of steroids, I tried a diffuser with Thieves essential oil and was amazed at the relief I got from congestion with diffusing at my bedside."  ~Gail L., Austin Texas


"I used what you recommended [Breathe Again, Deep Relief & Peppermint] for congestion and stress during the Texas snow storms [polar vortex] last week. I absolutely benefited from that combo! Worked wonders!God is good!" ~Dahlia R, Austin Texas

"Lori's sessions leave a lasting impression.  During your session you'll feel the presence of God and you'll  walk away from your sessions with a sense of peace and warmth that stays with you."   ~Stephanie C, Austin Texas

"Lori is an amazing aromatherapy specialist who seems to have a close connection with God and His intentions and higher purpose for using essential oils.  Her knowledge is extensive and after suffering with feet issues for over a year with planter fasciitis on the bottoms of my (extremely painful I might add!) Lori tuned in and encouraged me to use Young Living's Frankincense oil on my feet.  Much to my amazement, my feet began to heal within 3-days of our session.  Lori has amazing skills and a gentle approach that is unmatched by others in the essential oil industry.  I highly recommend her!" 

~Dahlia R, Austin Texas

"After having been hospital with Covid-19 and being on a respirator for 10 days, I was released to go home.  While I couldn't seem to find rest or quality sleep, Lori recommended I try Young Living's Tranquil roll-on and I got the deep 10 hour restorative sleep my body longed for and needed to continue recovering.  It's amazing!"  ~Alexis N, Austin Texas

"I've struggled with quality, restorative sleep for a long time.  Once I wake up, I'm unable to fall back to sleep most every night.  I've tried everything, or so I thought.  Lori recommend I try Young Living's Trauma Life essential oil on my wrists to help deepen my quality of sleep and assist getting me back to sleep during the night.  It's working!!!"  ~Lin T, Austin Texas

 "Lori recommend I try Thieves lozenges for a scratchy throat when suddenly one of my ear drums opened that had been closed for months.  (tears) I can hear again!"  ~Chris A, Austin Texas 

"I used to suffer from headaches everyday.  One day Lori came over and saw that I was burning scented wax.  She asked me to try a YL diffuser and essential oils instead.  I've not had a headache since!  That was 6 years ago."  ~Brenda C, Austin Texas