Welcome in!  My hope is to help you cultivate the space & life of your dreams that help you fulfill your purpose and highest expression of your life's purpose.


I created this simple little shop just for you so that you can explore some of my most favorite self care & soul care items that I use each day to create the healing space me and my husband dwell in, entertain in, and simply 'be' in.  We find that when we invest in our dwelling we're ultimately supporting the foundational pieces that allow for us to perform at our highest potential while recovering from the noise outside.


I'm driven by finding tools to simplifying our lives with meaningful and applicable products that bring our bodies into a space of restorative care where we can be mindful to create healing spaces where thankfulness, praise, and worship flow.


The practice of Diffusing Essential Oils is to enhance the life giving properties of any one space.  Our ability to enjoy the sense of smell is for our benefit and when we make choices to support that gift we can ultimately create a space that brings an awakening to our our spirit, mind, and body.


Stay with me here... you might recall a story in Exodus where the incense was burning 24/7 at the tabernacle, or tent of meeting.  I believe, through experiential knowledge, the incense was instructed to burn for the benefit of the people.  Through aroma-therapy we can enhance our emotions and even open up space to process them. This practice has a positive effect on our mental and emotional health, bringing our overall physical body into balance/homeostasis, where healing from the cares of each day becomes a reality.  It matters what we put into our bodies and that goes for our olfactory system as well.  click here to order your favorite cool mist diffusers that keeps the essential oil molecules alive for the healing properties to reach your every part of you.

The quality of essential oils you choose to incorporate into your life/body really does matter, as with any other product; from food to appliances.

Young Living is the global leader in the essential oils industry because of their authenticity in seedling planting, maintenance, and distillery.  I get asked all the time why Young Living or what about this or that.  In short, just like anything else in life, whether it's a person, place or thing, I believe the Truth comes to you and when it does, in our humanity, we try to find fault ourselves and/or bump up against others who seek to find fault or discredit the person, place, or thing; in this case brand who's having clear advantages when it comes to health and wellbeing.  click here to order the leading brand of essential oils in health and wellbeing so that you, too, can spread the good word! 

Beeswax Candles

Do you enjoy dinner near candlelight?  I know we do. Here's what you need to know... a majority of candles and fragrant waxes are created with synthetic chemicals that leach into your brain and blood through the olfactory system (sense of smell).  These synthetic fragrances are harmful toxins that will wreak havoc on our health, most especially over time.  Most often in the form of headaches, tension, anxiousness, irritability and the feeling of not being able to truly 'let down' after a long day.  The best approach to incorporate candlelight into your ambient space is with 100% bees wax candles with a 100% cotton wick.  Beeswax candles are a natural, renewable resource that emit a bright, healthful light within the same spectrum as the sun.  Beeswax burns longer and drips less, naturally!  click here to order one of my favorites.

Some seasons in our life we need a little' oomph', a fresh view or enhancement to the mundane practices of life.  That's why I choose this special book to share with you for your time spent in reflection, journaling and gratitude practices.  Here, you'll find that special feel that brings your spirit a sweet lift before you settle in and quiet your soul.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I.  Other times, I use a simple spiral notebook.

I'm grateful you're here