"I AM strengthening your intercostals"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He said "embrace My awakening in your innermost being.

My call to your awakening is the very essence of My word, deep calling unto deep. As I raise you up your dry bones are coming to life. This does not come without feeling. You will surely feel it. It's not your imagination. It is not the enemy of your destiny, for I hold him in restraint by My right hand. You are feeling the gentle sensations of Me and you coming to life in tandem within your innermost being. This means you are once again in the transfiguration process. Praise Me. Worship Me. Lament. Let Me have access to every part of you. Do not back down, shrink back or be afraid. Do not give access to the enemy. I seal off every place within you the enemy has tried to destroy you, kill you and rob from you. I say enough! In your times of solitude with Me remember to have communion with Me; eat of My flesh, drink of My blood and submit to My Lordship. I love you. My desire is to fully restore you. Fully. I do nothing half-hearted or halfway. I complete My promises. I poured out My blood on Calvary for you. Yes you, so that together, we could be restored to the Father. Holy Spirit conquered the grave of sin and death so that, in unison, you can live, breathe and have Your being in Me and in My Father.

I am isolating areas of your life so that you can have victory. It is time for you to get in the deep waters with Me. I am isolating areas of your walk with Me in order that I may have those things in your life that are distractions and deceiving you and holding you hostage, in stagnation, from all that I AM. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! My Spirit hovers over you to quench your thirst, heal your dry bones and breathe restoration life into you. Inhale. The deep intercostals of your life are being isolated, strengthened and prepared for the end time harvest and revival.

This is My blessing to you to overcome every curse. I must isolate to give you My vision. I walk you into the blessings of the Kingdom of God. You are the head and not the tail. My anointing is within you. You will fulfill God's call on your life."

According to Healthline Medical Network, intercostal muscles are muscle groups that are situated in between the ribs that create and move the chest wall. The muscles are broken down into three layers and are primarily used to assist with the breathing process.

The three layers are:

  1. External - forced and quiet inhalation

  2. Internal - forced exhalation, and

  3. Innermost - the deepest of the intercostal muscles

These muscles are innervated and supplied with blood by the intercostal nerves, intercostal veins and intercostal arteries.

I point all of this out in order to establish and re-enforce His heart's desire to do a deep work within your life.

I bless you in this season and call you forth in Jesus name.

Confirmation Scriptures Psalms 42, Ezekiel 37 & John 6